Corporate Social Responsibility & ISO 9001 System are interesting topics, which cannot be ignored if a business desires a sustainable success in the future.

Today customers pay more attention to companies which activities tend to protect people and communities. They take into account a large number of other issues such as environmental impact, safety of products, compliance with social rules, compliance with laws, community cohesion and etc.

In the past, companies were focusing on innovating product designs and improving product quality in order to gain competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Today, they focus on the brand and they try to adopt good Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (CSR). The good implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility helps companies to access to a vast network of international buyers, which helps businesses to stand out from the fierce of competition in the market.

There are many regulations and standards for Corporate Social Responsibility: SA8000, ISO14001, OHS AS18001, BSCI, WRAP and SEDEX.

They are well known in Vietnam and local manufactures try to obtain one of these certifications in order to preserve their reputation on the international market.

There are other requests from buyers from the US and the European countries such the technical regulations as REACH, RoHS, GS (regulations for the use of chemicals, for protecting the environment and etc.) These systems are tools that bring to companies unlimited opportunities and benefits. They allow full access to a broad network of international buying companies.

Halinh Rattan & Bamboo Co., Ltd has been applied the regulations of BSCI and ISO 9001 into the management system for many years. Today our company works on improving employee & customer satisfactions and productivity. We aim for a sustainable development and good working conditions for our employees with continuous effort.

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