It is important to our business to practice Quality Control (QC). QC is essential to build a successful business in the handicraft industry. It allows businesses to offer high quality products and to provide a strong competitive advantage.

In our company, quality control starts with the suppliers. They are craftsmen and women living and working in handicraft villages. We always require to our suppliers to produce items that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations and to ensure the quality of mass production.

Why Is It Important To Our Business To Practice Quality Control?

In the villages, there is at least one Quality Control Supervisor who performs inspections, checks, and tests during the manufacturing process.

After selecting suppliers, we ask them to make original samples (from 10 to 15 units) because we want to avoid mistakes in shapes and sizes. These samples are examined by our Quality Control Supervisors and the Production Management Team of Ha Linh Company. They often visit the artisan villages and check together progress & quality of the production in order to solve the problems (if any).

When we receive semi-finished products in our warehouse, our QC team classifies the qualified, unqualified or eliminated goods. Qualified products are subject to gluing, drying and packing processes. Unqualified or eliminated items are removed from the supply chain in order to be repaired. Before packing and shippment, all goods are examinated twice by two different teams and they are submitted to final QC appointed by the customer.

Ha Linh Company focuses on quality control in order to maintain the company’s reputation and customer trust. We always look forward to building sustainable business relationships with clients and to increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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