The manufacturing process starts in the villages where we harvest, collect and dry the main materials (rattan, bamboo and seagrass) for our products. The craftsmen and women there transform the sticks of the plants (bamboo and rattan) into small pieces and then they begin the weaving process. All of the products are 100% handmade.

Semi-finished products are transported to our factory for final quality control and expedition. After the tests, damaged and defective products are rejected or removed.

Coloring and painting

Coloring and painting are the true specialties of Halinh Rattan and Bamboo. Most of the products are available in wide variety of colors. We are able to use every color and create unique design for each customer.

Hand coloring is the most convenient way of applying the colors. We use colors in the conformity of internationally accepted standards for sustainable development.


Adhesive or glue bonding is a water bonding technique with applying an intermediate layer to connect substrates of different materials. During this process our products achieve high bonding strengths.


After finishing the coloring process, our products are placed in drying rooms in order to ensure optimum fixation of colors. Hot air is used to raise the temperature in this controlled environment and it dries and dehumidifies products for several hours.

If the weather conditions are good – sunlight and low level of humidity, products might be placed outside to dry naturally.

This process is an important process in our production line. We want to be sure that our products are strong enough to be sold in countries with cold and dry climate.

Packaging can be provided with personalized own logos, labels or barcodes which enables the customer to put the products directly on the distribution channel.

Warehouse and carton boxes

Carton boxes are stored in good conditions in ventilated area with dehumidifiers. The size of carton boxes depends on the size of custom promotional products. The dimensions of one box should be less than 0,16m3 and less than 20kg. We are able to put several units in one single inner carton box and sever inner carton boxes into one master piece.

Quality Control

Every single item is a subject to final quality control at the end of the manufacturing process. All aspects of one finished product are examined before loading the shipping container.

Containers are sent directly to the international port of Hai Phong city (around 150km from our our factory).