Home Décor Trends for 2019

2019 started with the announcement the new trends of Pantone for 2019. Pantone 16-1546 “Living Coral” was selected to be the color of the year.

The trends for 2019 are showing comfort and optimism. Our daily life is consistently influenced by the social media and the digital technology and in reaction to that, we are seeking experiences that enable connection and intimacy. ”Living Coral” is a symbol of optimism and joyful pursuits.

We selected to present 3 home décor trends that we consider as primary trends for 2019:

Toward Utopia: 

The challenges of 21st century are very different. One of the greatest challenges is the sustainability. We are seeking for positive actions, looking to escape or reconnect. The pursue of Utopia is to find optimism and to look for different ways to disconnect from our problems. Color could be vivid and joyful oriented as well as quiet or connected with nature.

Handmade Soul: 

There is a renewed appreciation of the sustainable side of skill, craft and artistry. There are traditional techniques, some of which very old who inspire designers. Consumers tend to make new experiences and seek insights into the backstories of their purchases. They value craftsmanship and provenance over fashion and quantity.

New Living: Simple is small 

In many big cities, people are living in the densely populated center districts where the places are small and compact. People are adopting a new lifestyle and way of living and they are looking for smart solutions for their home decors. The mini-micro apartments are not bigger than a hotel room with a living space of 25-30 sqm. The furniture items are often modular, and kitchens and bathrooms smaller.

Sources & Pictures: Pantone, Ambiente, Heimtextil