Rainy Season in Vietnam

Due to differences in latitude and the variety in topographical relief, the rainy season in Vietnam in Vietnam vary for each region.

Vietnam’s climate is located in the tropics and it is strongly influenced by the South China Sea. Most of the tropical depressions, tropical storms and typhoons in South East Asia came from the South China Sea. The territories with borders on the sea are China, Taiwan, The Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam.

In the north of Vietnam, the climate is monsoonal with four distinct seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter) while in the south the climate is tropical monsoon with two seasons – rainy and dry. Temperate climate can be observed in the mountainous areas of Sa Pa and Da Lat regions while a more continental climate exists in Lai Chau, Son La & Ha Giang Provinces where the weather during the winter season could get really cold.

In Hanoi and in the north, the months between May and October are hot and humid. Strong rainfall could be observed in July, August & September. Central Vietnam has hot and dry weather between January and August and the rainy season begins in August/September until November mid-December. Southern Vietnam is dry and hot between November and April and warm and wet between May and October with the highest rainfall in June, July and August.

Our company is situated in the north, near the city of Hanoi. During the wet season (July, August and September) we need to keep our products dry and safe. In our factory we have several drying rooms, where we dry carefully the products before packing and shipping.  Drying rooms are special rooms in the factory where the products stay for 1-2 days at high temperature 45-50 C. Our storage rooms are equipped with dehumidifiers and the goods can be stored there packed prior to shipping.

LonelyPlanet – the famous guide book publisher selected October to be the best month to visit Vietnam, so if you consider going on a business trip you will have strong chance to see clear sky and mild temperatures. If you would like to visit our company, we highly recommend you to visit us during this month.

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 Pictures: Pixabay