What is BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative)?

Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) is an initiative of the Foreign Trade Association (FTA) with the aim of establishing a common Code of Conduct and monitoring systems in Europe in terms of social responsibility of enterprises.

This standard is voluntary, focusing on management and related to social responsibility. BSCI's ultimate goal is to improve the working conditions in global supply chains worldwide

BSCI is a unique system and applies to both large and small companies, including all industrial manufactured products derived from any countries, no matter the type of product, location, size... etc.

BSCI focuses on 11 key principles:

1. Freedom of association and the right to set up a collective bargaining

2. Fair Wages

3. Health and safety

4. Special protection of young workers

5. No provide dependent employer

6. Ethics business

7. Prohibition of Discrimination

8, Time Working Hours

9. Prohibition of child labor

10. Prohibition of temporary employment

11. Environmental protection

BSCI is trustworthy since factories are audited by an independant and reputable third party.

BSCI focuses on countries with high risk of violation of workers’ rights.

BSCI have an online database for manufacturers in order to avoid audit duplications.

BSCI encourages the participation of stakeholders from Europe and from the developing countries.

Benefits joining process BSCI:

More than 1,500 participants of the BSCI including retailers, importers and companies with international brands operate in various industries: from textiles to food, from shoes to electronics. The participation in the BSCI process not only helps to minimize BSCI frequency of compliance audits of social responsibility, but also shows a registration in the BSCI database where hundreds of companies internationally registered.

Improving working conditions is an important way to help companies to minimize risk and to protect their reputation. In addition, this also helps to maximize efficiency by reducing costs, improving the productivity and enhancing the strategic management of the supply chain.

Creating competitive advantages

Ha Linh Company understands the importance of compliance with the social responsibility in business. Our company follow the principles of BSCI for many years. Last December, in 2016, we have completed the latest BSCI audit. We are really grateful for having acknowledged our relentless efforts towards ensuring sustainable development.