Ha Linh Rattan & Bamboo in Top 30 Favorite Vietnamese Brands of 2016

According to Tin Tuc News, the city of Hanoi launched the program "Top 30 Favorite Brands of 2016" in October 2016.

This program is conducted annually in order to build good brand image and high quality of products and services and to improve the competitiveness of Vietnamese products on both international and domestic markets.

The key selection criteria are:

- product innovation

- high quality services

- the use of local raw materials

- the conservation of raw materials

- the growth of revenue

- fair payment of local taxes

- compliance with national laws

- good pension for workers

- contribution to the local community and society

This year, Ha Linh Rattan & Bamboo was awarded to be one of the Top 30 Favorite Vietnamese Brands because of its handmade products and the compliance with social responsibility requirements. Products of Ha Linh were described as “different” because of the design innovation and the high competitive advantage.

The company is keeping up with the new trends. Rattan and Seagrass products are the best-selling items and they are favored by consumers in Europe & Americas because of their unique design and safety of use.

Today our company focuses on benefits and social responsibility for employees, something that is quite new for the rest of Vietnam.

We declare that we do not hire seasonal workers, we respect the law about the National minimum wage, we do not use child labor and we think about the environment.

Ha Linh would like to do better things and achievements in 2017 in order to maintain and promote this award.