European standards for products & materials in contact with foodstuffs and the German law for food and beverages LGFB

Does your handicraft basket meet the European requirements and standards for products and materials? Does it come in contact with foodstuffs? And what about the German law LGFB for food and beverages?



Exporting products to Europe may be challenging for Asian companies. The European Union has many laws and regulations that we have to take into account if we want to do business with customers from European countries. In this article we would like to share some information about foodstuff facilities in Europe and in Germany in particular – two major markets for our industry.

All the food and food-related commodities should meet the basic requirements of the EU. Food contacting materials are submitted to tests in order to be consistent with the EU food and commodities law. Products should match the demands of the EU before being sold on the market.

The new German law for food and beverages called LGFB has replaced the older LMBG from September 2005. One testing criteria for LFGB is the overall migration limit of constituents into or onto foodstuffs. Migration is the transfer of chemical substances from food contact materials into food.

The test is often required to demonstrate compliance of a food contact material with the applicable legislation.

Natural materials such as rattan & bamboo meet almost all criteria of LFGB test but the migration test is difficult because of the flexibility of the materials.


The method of overall migration test is to soak the products in acetic acid of 3% in 2 hours with temperature of 70 C (or 24hours with temperature 40C). Usually the received sediment is more than limit.  Therefore, handicraft products made of rattan & bamboo which meet LFGB standards must to follow a special production process.

To avoid any inconvenient situation that may cause problems, the buyer has to inform our company about the LGFB test before placing an order.  Please contact Halinh Rattan & Bamboo to discuss your specific requirements and expectations with our experts regarding the food contact materials & the food contact tests.

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